Tveir heimar - Suðurhlíð 35
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Two Worlds is a center of holisitic kinetics and health. Our home is located in the south hillside of Suðurhlíð 35, in a uniquely peaceful and sunny area in central Reykjavik with Fossvogur Valley on one side and Fossvogur cove on the other side – our atmosphere is homely, friendly and refreshing.

The goal is to foster and strengthen the mind and body. The concept of movement is defined broadly as the following ; Nucleus Kinetics, Qi gong, Tai qi, philosophical mind gymnastics, meditation, education and instruction.


I am happy to recommend Thordis Filipsdottir and her services as a personal trainer. I am one of those who for years was a subscriber of access cards to fitness clubs. Sometimes classes with personal trainers included, but the result was a always the same. I was full of enthusiasm in January, in February I went maybe four or five times. In March, perhaps three times to use the sauna and then poof! No more that year or any year. After ten to fifteen years of experience in fitness centers, and since I had tried out almost everything that was available, I had given up on even trying. It was with great doubt and reservations I decided to invest in a personal trainer services, and then only the first one month.I was emmidiately impressed with her genuine intersest in understanding what my specific goals were, and her vision of how we could accomplish these goals. I enjoyed the never ending changes and variations in routine to keep me motivated, interested and improving. In any case, I went on month for month for more than one and a half years and learned a lot, not just about fitness and exercise but also about the importance of mental and social health. Now, more than three years later I still enjoy and appreciate what I learned and, yes, can say that this experience has changed my life in fundamental aspects.

Hólmsteinn Brekkan
I trained with Þórdís Filipsdóttir for a little over three months and this period has simply did wonders for me. After a pretty much 100% sedentary life for over four years, I was stiff, lacked strength and stamina and was overweight and in fact had never been in such a bad physical shape ever before. There has been a total turn-around in all these areas and I can say today that I have not felt better in a very long time. Strength and stamina has returned and I am more supple than ever before. I have as well lost over 7 kilos in these three months. Þórdís has a very interesting way of interweaving her expertise in physical training with her knowledge of the ancient practices of Qi Gong as well as her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and healing. This process leaves one feeling well all round, not just physically but mentally tranquil as well and has brought me to a place of wellness that is very worthwile. Her sense of humor, openness and insight in to one´s personal „ifs and buts“ is exhilirating and brings forth the best in the people she works with. Overall I think she is an excellent trainer and really exceptional at that.
Þór Saari
I started training with Þórdís and after two months achieved better results than I had in any other training program. She understands peoples individual needs and designs the right program for each and every one. She is a great nutritionist and gives advice on various lifestyle choices.  Þórdís is a wonderful person, a great professional and training with her will add to your quality of life.
Halla Gunnarsdóttir
As a sportsman my training is vital to exacting the most from my potential. By working with Þórdís I have been able to perform at an even higher level than before. Þórdís treats the individual according to their unique circumstances. The depth of her understanding and knowledge is evident from the outset and I always feel relaxed and completely confident withThordis and her abilities. My training and consultations with Þórdís have focused on the rehabilitation of a previous injury. However she was also able to identify other areas of my wellbeing that required attention and needed realignment. Her expertise and her training with me have helped me to balance all aspects of my health on every level, spiritually, physically and mentally. Working with Thordis is an exploration of the self and the world, she takes all things together and uses her incredible abilities to help with vitality, focus and clarity as well as physical therapy. It is a joy to work with Þórdís, she is such a special woman with highly specific talents. Working with her enables me to thrive and to progress and achieve my particular goals. I feel truly fortunate to have the privilege of training with her.

Ryan Wardman