Tveir heimar - Suðurhlíð 35
Sjálfstyrking á líkama og sál / Teri-Dee
Aug 15

Sjálfstyrking á líkama og sál / Teri-Dee

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Class structure
The class is suitable for all levels and is focused on the basics of traditional Shaolin Kung fu the class is designed to improve strength, fitness and coordination.
All classes will start with joint mobility, warm up and streaching.
The warm up will often incorporate animal movements such as bear crawls.
Basic stances, kicks and punches will be
covered and as the stundent advances moves that challenge agility and coordination will be introduced ( jumping kicks, spinning kicks , cartwheels ECT.. )
Students will learn shaolin fist forms that will give them the foundations to learn weapon forms if they seek to progress their studies further.