Tveir heimar - Suðurhlíð 35

Philosophy Cafe

The Philosophy Café is an offshoot of a global movement that encourages the practice of philosophy to take place outside of universities. The inspiration for this model is Socrates himself, a man who engaged in all manner of philosophical discussions with his fellow citizens in the streets of Athens. The purpose of the café is not to meet the experts in order to hear only their perspective. We assume that each person is a master in their own life and that each person brings a world of wisdom and knowledge with them. This makes our Philosophy Cafe a place for vibrant discussion and sympathetic reasoning.

Oftentimes in life our thinking is caught in contradictions and lost in the fog. The Philosophy Cafe is a way of removing the haze and replacing it with sheer clarity and focus. Anyone can join these engaging and lively discussions, all that is needed is an open mind and self-awareness.