Tveir heimar - Suðurhlíð 35

Meditative Qi-gong

Björn Bjarnason’s method of meditation is built on the foundation of Qi Gong practices. Medical studies show that the tranquility and serenity of the mind when in a meditative state has a much greater positive impact than previously thought. There are many styles and practices of meditation but the main goal is almost always the same; to create peace of mind in order to enjoy all that is happening, to reconcile that the past is over and will not change, and to recognise that the future is undecided and has not been written. During Björn’s class there are just under 30 minutes of meditation time focusing on stillness and concentration. Bjorn is the chairman of the Icelandic society of Qi Gong practitioners. He is one of the authors of the book ‘Gunnarsaefingarnar’ (Gunnar’s Practices) which teaches readers the fundamentals of Qi Gong.