Tveir heimar - Suðurhlíð 35

Atlas elements

A zestful fusion of challenging body weight-based exercises and yoga practices that harmonise, strengthen, and excite both body and mind.

This vitalising training approach builds might and muscle by combining dynamic resistance activities with static yoga holds to elevate endurance and synthesise strength. The mind is galvanised by honing the focus and grit needed to forge the willpower and discipline to practice the precise movements and stances with dexterity and accuracy. This active training is an exceptionally effective and enjoyable method of increasing one’s fitness, muscle-tone, and mental fortitude.

A single workout session of Atlas Elements will typically be structured in the following style. Each practice has a warm-up of approximately ten minutes, the core of the workout is forty minutes in duration, and we enjoy a cool down period for stretching and transition of ten minutes to ensure optimum recovery.

Both the mind and body are eased into the session with a warm-up that starts gently by using spiritual breathing techniques. This ensures that we are fully connected to our being and honour our practice. Once we have allowed a window of time for the mind to entirely commit to the forthcoming activities we begin to prepare the body using a range of dynamic stretches which will get the heart engine running at the required level for exercise.

After this generous warm-up the main body of training commences. Each session evolves and is engineered for the needs of the participants. Calisthenic movements are harmonised with yoga holds in order for the muscles to be trained motively and statically to elicit improvements in strength and endurance. For example, a series of lunges may be held at various stages of the action for a period of time. This hold is then combined with further movements from the upper body (such as raising arms overhead, to the side, or unilateral actions) in order to challenge the muscles to attain balance as we shift the centre of gravity. The particular focus of each workout will change from session to session but every single practice will work all sections of the body in some way. The body works best when trained as a whole unit and this mantra is followed during Atlas Elements. Individual aspects of the human body (the elements) are trained via full-body movements (the atlas).

The final part of the workout consists of an engaging cool-down. This is largely active recovery through stretching, and meditative breathing techniques that recognise the spirit with which we have performed the training and encourage deeper, stronger, more effective aspiration.

Tveir Heimar invites you to enjoy the rich and rewarding benefits of training with the Atlas Elements voyage. We look forward to welcoming you to this uplifting arena.